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Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. - Dale Carnegie

Could YOU Be NExt, believes that simply shining the spotlight on injustices and abuses are just the beginning. Embracing victimhood never improved anyone's lot in life - which is why we've created this section to show that there are people, just like you who have fought and won!


  “We appreciate CYBN giving us a chance to tell our story to the public and for putting the heat on the government to return Shaday. Because of Tai’s great effort on our behalf, the DSS backed down and gave us back our daughter. Vanessa and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.” Yinka

The Shaday Fasinro Story©
“Through our window we could see them coming for our daughter Shaday. I stood guard at the door while my wife Vanessa held our daughter close. Huddled in the bedroom together, we started to pray. They knew we were innocent but it was too late! Agents from the Department of Social Services and police pushed their way in and forced our baby from our arms. Then for four days Shaday was gone. They hospitalized her for no reason and then gave her back. They won’t tell us what they did to her during those four days but we have evidence that she was illegally inoculated. Now the government wants us back in court again. Why?”

Yinka and Vanessa Fasinro are fighting a two year battle for their daughter’s life. Why Child Services officials going after the Fasinros and ignoring the evidence that Shaday is perfectly healthy? Why does the North Carolina Department of Social Services and Child Protection remain tight lipped? What’s behind the Adoption and Safe Families Act? Is child confiscation becoming the norm in America? Yinka Fasinro speaks out on Could YOU Be Next?



  Dr. Ede stood up, held firm and won her case against the California Medical Board.
“Thank you, Tai, for bringing my victory story to the public. It means so much to so many of us who believe in our medical freedom!”
Dr Ede Koeneig

Dr. Ede Koenig Story©
“Our therapy program was curing all kinds of disease using only natural methods. We were attracting people from all walks of life and from all around the world that were given up by conventional medicine. I was invited to lecture around the country about my discoveries. That’s when the American Medical Association and California Medical Board had me arrested. They thought they could intimidate me, drag me through a lengthy kangaroo court process and finally shut me down. They were wrong! Without money and without an attorney I faced them. I challenged their lies and their attempt to railroad an innocent person. I put faith in my God. I spoke out about their corruption and I beat them!”
Now I’ll telling my story on
Could YOU Be Next?

Dr. Ede Koenig is a naturopathic physician who advocates a vegetarian diet and the use of herbal medicine to address disease. Many consider her approach simple yet revolutionary. Follow God’s natural methods and get well. Her techniques have proven successful in the treatment of disease and eliminating their cause. But that got her in big time “hot water” with the State Medical Board of California and the AMA. Seems the medical establishment doesn’t take too kindly to “competitors.” Does practitioners like Ede Koenig pose a perceived threat to an already entrenched medical establishment in this country? Does the government have the right to tell you that all health and healing work must be done through licensed medical doctors? Will natural health care methods become illegal in the United States of America?
Find out what’s behind the Medical Cartel on
Could YOU Be Next


  “Being on your show gave me such hope and impetus to fight on. Tai, you worked with my lawyer to put the heat on the government and save my small business from illegal confiscation. Thanks for being there for the little guy.”
Jo Bischoff

The Jon Bischoff Story©   
“Eminent Domain.......
it takes a village!
“I’m at a diner and this guy tells me I have to vacate my business and my building in 90 days or get thrown out in the street. I caught my breath and asked him what the hell was going on? He had nothing to say. What was I going to tell my employees and my family? He couldn’t care less!

Port Chester merchant Jon Bischoff  tells of his long battle to save his small business and community from an unscrupulous government plan to destroy it at any cost. The government was planning the unthinkable. Condemn Jon’s small business and flip it over to a Big Box store. Is this how you serve the public good? Who are the real beneficiaries of this modern day interpretation of eminent domain?  Why are governments increasingly using their powers to oust private citizens from their homes and small businesses? Who will be next? You?