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The Dean McGregor Story.

 In 1986, Dean McGregor and his wife bought an $80,000 parcel of property in Clackamas County, Oregon with the idea of constructing a home on the site. The couple postponed building plans, however, because shortly after the purchase, the McGregors, who already had two children, adopted three additional children. With five small children, Dean McGregor said his wife preferred to wait until the kids were older before building a new home.

There is no way that the McGregors' tiny two-acre plot could produce that kind of income. The plot is in the middle of a subdivision, surrounded by houses on all sides. What value the county sees in preventing development on a plot of land overgrown with bushes and trees is mystifying to the McGregors. Says Dean McGregor, "I haven't a clue as to what their logic is."

The county's decision has cost the McGregors dearly. In 1996, the property was assessed at $250,000 but is now assessed at only $50,000. In addition to paying off most of the $80,000 sale price, the McGregors had to pay the county $8,000-$9,000 in taxes on the property every year it was assessed at the higher $250,000 value.

The McGregors haven't given up. Dean McGregor has hired a land-use consultant and hopes he can persuade the county to change its decision.
Source: Oregonians In Action