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The Whitin Community Center Story

 The Whitin Community Center has been operating in Northbridge, Massachusetts since 1923. Inexpensive to join, it provides families access to a gym, a swimming pool, tennis courts and meeting rooms for such events as Bible studies. In addition, it offers a special outreach program that makes it possible for children from families on limited incomes to use the facility for free. But when local citizens decided to expand and renovate this popular public institution, OSHA inspectors filed numerous complaints, mostly against the contractors, that needlessly cost the center time and money.

In one case, OSHA inspectors cited the Center with a violation because an IBM typewriter was not equipped with a grounded three-prong plug. But IBM typewriters do not require a three-prong plug because they are double-insulated. Nevertheless, the Center's trustees and director were anxious to resolve the problem and agreed to pay OSHA a $750 fine. Says James Knott, a local businessman and a major supporter of the Center, "I was astonished that OSHA would stoop so low as to steal, and I say again, steal money from the Community Center."
Source: James Knott