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The Maria Martinez StoryŠ
Eminent takes a village


“My landlord tells me I have to move my business and get out in one week. No notice, no explanation, no compensation! What am I going do? I have worked for over 12 years to establish my small restaurant and now this will ruin me and my family. I tried in vain to reason with him. He offered me one tenth of what my business is worth. I told him I had a lawyer. He stared me down and replied: “What’s your lawyer gonna do for you? Take my offer or lose everything!” That really frightened me!

When Maria and her family moved into Village of Port Chester N. Y. they put it all on the line. They worked day and night to achieve the America Dream. A restaurant of their own. Overnight, their dreams have turned into an eminent domain nightmare of threats, lies and a loss of their future. How far does the village government greed go? Why are the local courts blatantly ignoring the law designed to protect it’s small business owners. Maria, her sister Lady and her son Ellison speak out on Scams-n-Scandals . Eminent takes a village!