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The Mark Graf Story©
Blacklisted by the DOE for whistle blowing

“I was visited by some goons from the Department of Energy. They came to my home, frightened my family, broke into our computer, erased all my files, wiped out my printer ribbon and ordered me to shut my mouth or else. I didn’t understand what was going on. As a top level Public Safety and Security Systems officer for the Department of Energy. I am obligated to report all security problems. Especially if it involves something as devastating as plutonium oxide. Well that’s what I did! But DOE wasn’t interested. Now I’m an outcast and blacklisted as a whistleblower. Why? Now I’m coming forward to tell all!”

When expert security specialist Mark Graf discovered a high risk storage danger involving plutonium oxide he did his job and reported it. A plutonium leak of this magnitude could kill millions and contaminate the whole planet! .... Why is the DOE choosing to ignore the risk of terrorist theft, cover it up and shut down top level security officers like Mark Graf and others? Doesn’t the DOE have a policy in place since 1999 called “Zero Tolerance for Security Violations”? Or is it a continuation of Hazel O’Leary’s policy of zero tolerance for whistleblowers. Is our country being put in real danger because a few in government want to cover their butts? Find out on Scams-n-Scandals