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The McClanahan Story©
Anatomy of a government land grab

“Bill and I planned our whole lives around the dream of retiring to our little horse farm. Now greedy government bureaucrats and their environmental buddies want to steal it all away in a massive land grab. We have been threatened and told to shut up about it but we will not be intimidated. Now I'm speaking out about it on Scams-n-Scandals!”

When small landowners Bill and Kay McClanahan decided to investigate what was really behind a local Comprehensive Land Use Plan, they never imagined what they would discover. The systematic confiscation of some of the most valuable real estate from thousands of poor rural African Americans by wealthy elitists and government officials in Richland County, South Carolina.
Can Bill and Kay and their organization, The Richland County Landowner’s Association win this battle to save their private property? Find out on Scams-n-Scandals

Joining Tai on the show is: South Carolina State Representative Joe Neal and author, researcher and President of the American Policy Center Tom DeWeese