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The Jeff Peters Story©
Blacklisted by the DOE for reporting a security risk.

“I was called into this meeting with these high level Department of Energy officials. When I told them I discovered a serious plutonium oxide security risk they turned on me, told me to sit down and shut my mouth. What was going on? I was the Director (Colonel) of Security at Rocky Flats Nuclear Facility in Colorado with over 500 armed professionals under my direction. I was doing my job. But that didn’t matter to them. They wanted to hush it all up and do nothing. I couldn’t believe it! When I wrote Congress about it, they fired me. Now I’m blacklisted from working anywhere else. I’ve lost my house, my dignity and I’m losing my family over this. It’s been a nightmare!"


Director of Security Jeff Peters never imagined the punishment he would receive for blowing the whistle too loud on a potential plutonium disaster waiting to happen? Did Jeff find out something that could blow up as a national scandal? What did Jeff discover too sensitive and embarrassing to the D.O.E. ? Are government officials at the DOE and Congressman more concerned with their image instead of the public safety? Why do former DOE officials get to be on the Board of contractors like Kaiser Hill and Wackenhut Corporation? Are these contractors failing to secure nuclear material and getting away with it? Does individuals like Colonel Peters put their necks on the line when they do their job and tell the truth? Hear it all on Scams-n-Scandals