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Shaday Fasinaro Story

“Through our window we could see them coming for our daughter Shaday. I stood guard at the door while my wife Vanessa held our daughter close. Huddled in the bedroom together, we started to pray. They knew we were innocent but it was too late! Agents from the Department of Social Services and police pushed their way in and forced our baby from our arms. Then for four days Shaday was gone. They hospitalized her for no reason and then gave her back. They won’t tell us what they did to her during those four days but we have evidence that she was illegally inoculated. Now the government wants us back in court again. Why?”

Yinka and Vanessa Fasinro are fighting a two year battle for their daughter’s life. Why Child Services officials going after the Fasinros and ignoring the evidence that Shaday is perfectly healthy? Why does the North Carolina Department of Social Services and Child Protection remain tight lipped? What’s behind the Adoption and Safe Families Act? Is child confiscation becoming the norm in America? Yinka Fasinro speaks out on Scams-n-Scandals