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Death by Desipramine Poisoning  

“The letter from the school psychologist said that our 8 year old daughter had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and needed to “seek treatment”. We resisted but the school was insistent. First came the Wellbutrin then the Effexor. These medications made our little girl sick. Then psychiatrist Roger LaRoach prescribed Desipramine and promised the drug was safe. Well, it killed her! Nobody bothered to tell us that Desipramine is highly toxic and not even approved for children by the FDA! You never get over the devastation of losing your child. When Shaina looked into my eyes as her life ended, I realized I could do nothing to save her. The forced drugging of our children must stop before it’s too late! It’s time for those responsible to be held accountable! I’m coming forward to tell Shaina’s story on Scams-n-Scandals
(Vicky Dunkle: Shaina’s mother)

When Vicky and Steve Dunkle took their 8 year old daughter for help, they never imagined the price they would pay for trusting a school psychologist and Dr. Roger LaRoach, the head psychiatrist at the Bradford Medical Center in Pennsylvania. His diagnosis was ADHD and the prescription was an unapproved psychotropic drug, Desipermine. In less than two years, Shaina Louise Dunkle was dead of Desipermine poisoning. Vicky and Steve Dunkle battle everyday trying to cope with their outrage and grief. Have our schools become a laboratory for “behavior modification” and the prescribing of psychiatric drugs? Is ADHD in reality a manufactured concept unsubstantiated by scientific evidence? Why is the state’s public school system and the Department of Public Welfare ignoring this nightmare? Why does CHADD oppose HR1170? What should you do if you’re coerced or pressured to put your kids on drugs? Could you be next? Find out on Scams-n-Scandals