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The Don Soekin StoryŠ
Government land grab.... USFS style!


“You never wake up from this nightmare! I got a pit in my stomach when I first heard that the land I worked so hard for no longer belonged to me. It was condemned by United States Forest Service. As simple as that! I sat across this long table presided over by a Supervisor Williams. I showed him the documents that proved they were using a mistaken survey to steal my land. It didn’t matter. His decision was final. The others from the USFS remained steadfast. I never experienced such arrogance and dishonesty. Then he stood up and said if I wanted my land back I could sue him.”

In 1975 Don Soeken purchased 300 acres in Monroe County Virginia. He hoped for something he could leave his family The title showed that the land was free and clear. Then the Forest Service stepped in. Now Don fights Goliath! Is the Forest Service covering up a survey scam committed 70 years ago? Can the Forest Service ever be trusted to tell the truth knowing their history of lies and deception? Who’s watching the hen house?