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Special Edition
Child Confiscation, The Inside Story ll

“I was taken away from my mother and put into this child care facility where I was told I would be safe.......I wasn’t!”
Kathy L. 10 years old

“When I arrived in Foster Care I was treated like a criminal for no reason. That’s how they intimidate you. They tell you you’re worthless and you’ll never amount to anything. I’ve seen how the staff here abuses the residents. Seems its all about degrading you...that’s their M.O.”
Sarah M. 16 years old

“I feel so scared and alone here.” Please help me! I need to get out! This place is breaking me down!
Tina W. 17 years old

This Special Edition program looks into the mistreatment and victimization of children within the Dutchess County N.Y. Department of Social Services System. Why is the government prescribing pharmaceuticals like Paxil, Ritlan and Valium to minors? How much money can DSS make when they break up your family and take away your kids? A newly released report by the Child Protective Commission of Dutchess County claims that CPS is incompetent, unaccountable and is in serious need of repair. However the County Commissioner doesn’t seem to care about it. Why? With Family Court Judges and CPS agents immune from prosecution, how easy is it for you to become a target of the government?