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Tim Jones fights to keep his 18'x24' home for his family and brings his story to Scams-n-Scandals.

  Adirondack N.Y. resident Tim Jones was in Franklin County Court to answer charges brought against him by the Adirondack Park Agency (APA). The charges included contempt of court (civil and criminal) and violation of the Adirondack Park Act. The Act was passed by the New York state legislature in the dead of night prior to breaking for Christmas in 1973. It drew a line around this area of New York using geography as a criteria. The Adirondack people became a separate class of citizen in their own state. According to Jones: "We who live here refer to it as Adirondack Apartheid"

Tim Jones had purchased property that had been subdivided prior to 1973, which, according to APA's own regulations, should have been non-jurisdictional, as it was subdivided before the Act was passed. However when Tim started renovating his 18'x24' home, the APA, claiming it had a complaint, investigated and determined that they had jurisdiction. This is a normal deviation for the agency; the rules often change during the process.

A court decision in Jan 1993 ordered Tim to either apply for a permit or go the APA enforcement process. Tim chose the enforcement proceedings and enlisted the aid of APA Scholar, Howard Aubin. The APA changed the rules again and demanded that Tim either hire an attorney or he would have to represent himself. The APA using the the power of the state and citizen tax dollars, had every intention (and still does ) of making an example of a lone Adirondacker attempting to defend himself against the power of New York State. The Attorney General asked the court to dismiss Tim's cross motion accusing the APA of contempt. The court refused and gave the APA 20 days to show cause why the agency should not be held in contempt. "It's a camp about the size one of Rockefeller's condominiums." notes Tim. "I'm just a little guy they want to make an example of" The Rockefellers own several thousand acres not far from Tim's small parcel. They recently completed an extensive condominium project with the full cooperation of the APA and with all the necessary permits on a wild and scenic river. The inconsistency of the enviro-groups, who always refer to estates such as the Whitney's 50,000 acres, the Follensby Pond 14,000 acres and others as pristine jewels, but never mention the Rockefeller holdings. Bear in mind that it was Governor Nelson Rockefeller who signed the APA Act into law in 1973. When large landowners can create huge reserves of public property around their vast private holdings their fortunes multiply. The APA Act is about power and greed, not about the environment. Tim vows to fight on.
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