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The Town of Kent Story©
How a small town is standing up to Goliath

“Our public lands were entrusted for preservation and recreation, not for some crazy, dangerous State government logging scheme. Everyone in the Town of Kent was shocked when we heard the news. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the US Army Corps of Engineers plan to come in here with chainsaws, bulldozers, logging trucks, heavy equipment, herbicides and fire to level over 400 acres right on top of MT Nimham. They blindsided us! These agencies are supposed to come to the town first but it’s obvious they wanted to try to sneak this one by us. There’s something really wrong here!
Mt Nimham hosts hundreds of private homes and is next to the West Branch reservoir. A reservoir that provides drinking water for millions of Putnam County and New York City residents. There’ll be arsenic leaching and run-off into our water supply. There’ll be destruction of our roads. The effects on our environment and our economy will be devastating! And what is the State’s response? We’re going to do it anyway! We’re fighting back. We’re speaking out. The town board even passed a unanimous resolution against this. Our whole community is unified. Now were coming forward on Scams-n-Scandals

Nobody knew exactly what the State Government was secretly planning to do until word accidentally leaked out. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation was bring in a massive, dangerous logging project on Mt. Nimham. Over 415 acres would be gone forever. Homes around the mountain and a crucial reservoir which provides drinking water for millions of Putnam County and NYC residents would be in great danger. In spite of a unanimous Town Board Resolution, the complete support from the community and NY State Legislators to stop the NYSDEC from logging, The State agency says it doesn’t matter what anybody wants. We’re the boss and we’ll do what we want to do.
Can Kent successfully stand up to Goliath and win.
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