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The Dr. Rebecca Carley Story©

“I couldn’t believe my ears when Judge Richard Lawrence ordered my 3 year old son over to the very person who’s has raped, sodomized and tortured him.  The Nassau County District Attorney, The NYS Attorney General, the D.S.S, the County Executive and Legislature all have the proof but are intent to ignore it at any costs? Why are they ignoring the proof? Why? I’m a dedicated mother and well known physician.  I speak out strongly against the State Vaccine Program.  My natural protocols are reversing the effects of vaccine injury.  But I am a threat to the vaccine pushers. They will stop at nothing to silence me including confiscating my innocent child.  Oh my God please give him back to me before it’s too late!

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Award winning entrepreneur, author and host Tai Aguirre brings you:

When Rebecca spoke out about the New York State Vaccine Program in court she never could imagine the level of horror she would face. The confiscation of her 3 year old son Joey and his placement into the custody of a pedophile.  Countless documents, affidavits and court testimony prove that Dr. Carley is being railroaded because of her views and made an example of by the Nassau County court system.  Witnesses and medical records confirm Joey’s abuse at the hands of his father and the Department of Social Services. However Judge Richard Lawrence won’t budge as the retribution and cover up continue. Could the Rebecca Carley story be happening in your community? Is sexual abuse a regular occurrence throughout the Children and Family Service agencies of the United States of America. Could you or someone you know be the next victim?