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The Donna Cameron StoryŠ 
What started as a fixture repair has become a nightmare of harassment, threats and an order by the Providence Rhode Island Zoning Board of Review for Donna to demolish part of her dwelling. Has convicted Mayor Cianci’s network of extortion, racketeering and payoffs caught Donna Cameron in it’s web? Does so-called Neighborhood Associations and their representatives carry exorbitant influence over residents and government employees to do it’s bidding? Scams-n-Scandals uncovers what’s behind the cloud of fear and intimidation in Providence Rhode Island. 

“I was working in my yard when the Code Enforcement people showed up and plastered orange stickers on my door accusing me that my dwelling had unsafe wiring. They were never inside my dwelling. I tried to tell them a tenant wanted to break his lease and vandalized a light fixture and electrical wiring in the basement. But they didn’t care. I walked into the Code Enforcement Department hoping to resolve the situation. Instead the agent yelled at me at the top of his lungs saying “We’re gonna to get you in court over this.....we’re gonna get you in jail!” 


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