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The Mary Alice Davis Story©
“My nightmare started just a few days after my husband Howard died. He left me a beautiful big home and 180 scenic acres in Falmouth, Maine. This home and land are my only financial security. That’s it! I have nothing else! Now the town and some big shot attorney are doing anything and everything to steal away what’s belongs to me. Like public harassment at town meetings, threats on my life, land use restrictions and imposing outrageously high taxes on my property. They say I shouldn’t be allowed to use my own property because it’s too valuable and must be preserved. I don’t how much longer I fight against these bully tactics. I'm afraid I will lose everything. How could this kind of government collusion be allowed to happen in America? It’s time to tell my story on...... Could YOU Be Next?

Owning the biggest and most valuable land parcel can be dangerous to your well being especially if you live in Falmouth, Maine, you’re recently widowed , vulnerable and your name is Mary Alice Davis. In Falmouth, power and money know how to manipulate local government to get whatever they want. And it’s clear there are powerful “somebodies” who want Mary Alice Davis’s property! What part do big time Maine attorney Ralph Lancaster and Falmouth Town Planner George Thebarge play in the systematic confiscation of the only security Mary Alice has left? Could you have a Ralph Lancaster and George Thebarge running your community and not know it?
If so... You could be next!