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They lined us up like cattle to take our anthrax shot 

Technical Sergeant William F. Mangieri speaks to Scams-n-Scandals™ about his nightmare

Highly decorated Retired Technical Sergeant William Bill F. Mangieri was destined to serve his country. He hails from a long line of patriotic Americans who hearkened to the call of duty. Mangieri's father served in the Army during Vietnam and his grandfather proudly defended our country during W W II. Cousins and uncles have served at various times in different branches and Mangieri carried on the honorable family tradition. Moving up in the ranks quickly Bill became an N.B.C. (nuclear-biological-chemical) warfare specialist. Nevertheless, on August 24, 1999 his military career came to an unceremonious end William F Mangieri revealed his riveting story on Scams-n-Scandals™ Saturday February 16,2002. I never expected this nightmare to happen.

"On January 6th, 1991 the medical staff lined us up like cattle in the hangar at Manama Airport to receive an inoculation. Details of what the shots were sketchy, rumors were flying around that it was the antidote to anthrax. They banged me in the arm and told me not to tell anyone I received the shot. I asked the medic where my medical records were and he said that they were back on the ship in the Red Sea. He said, don‚t worry about it we will annotate your medical records when we go back aboard ship. I accepted it on faith and went on my way."

"The rumors were flying around about all the shots and pills that we were instructed to take. I was personally gratified that the military would go through such great lengths to protect its members. They eventually told us that they had a limited amount of anthrax vaccine, Botulinum toxoid and PB tabs to administer to the troops. We didn't want either Saddam or the Bahrain locals know we had these bio-chem. defense drugs. It was a hush-hush thing, it seemed plausible to me, we were at war.

"In December 1998, it was announced that National Guard units were going to start receiving the anthrax vaccine; there was a level of verbal dissent that started going through the ranks. At the 105th Air Wing where I worked, departed members must go through my office to complete out-processing at the end of their contracts. Many of the service members who departed stated to me that it was because of the DOD‚s plans to vaccinate all of its members for Anthrax. Their concerns seemed reasonable, citing unknown health consequences and effects on unborn children. The Military have done everything to silence Mangieri including denying him re-enlistment status. "They forced me out. Now I must speak out to the world." Bill concludes.
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