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The Madeleine Fortin Story©

“I just moved in when the water started coming, surrounding my home. In no time the water was over the headlights of my car. I couldn’t leave my house for weeks. I was in a panic. What was going on? Then I found out the Army Corps of Engineers was deliberately dumping millions of gallons of water over our community to flood us out. That was bad enough but then the Dade County Environmental Resource Department threatened me to shut my mouth about it or they would condemn my land and take it! All I did was buy a house!”

Life in Dade County Florida would never be the same for Madeliene who continues to fight the Army Corp of Engineers and the Southern Water Management District to save her home from flood destruction. The Everglades Protection Act of 1989 was what Madeleine and other residents of her community relied on when they bought their property.  This Act of Congress and the courts authorized the Corps to stop flooding out residents like Madeleine Fortin and protect their 8.5 square mile area   Why isn’t the Corp listening? Why are they so determined to  defy Congress and confiscate  all 5500 acres of private land? Why did the South Florida Water District try to get the county to cut off all electricity to Madeleine’s community in order to drive everyone out of their homes? Can the people win against Goliath this time?