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The Dorothy LaFortune StoryŠ
How government collusion takes what they want!

“I’ve been living a nightmare for over ten years. Government officials are doing everything they can to ruin me. They’ve taken my business away and now my home because I’m exposing their lies and corruption. Bidderford Mayor Donna Dion, Attorney Harry Center, Councilman Jim Gratello and numerous bank officials are all involved in a cover-up of illegality. I have the proof on video and all the documents. I’m being harassed and threatened over this. They want me to shut my mouth but I won’t. I’m afraid for my life but I will not be silenced. I’m telling all on Scams-n-Scandals

Dorothy LaFortune learned all too well that speaking out about government corruption on TV is an unforgivable sin in Bidderford Maine. It’s not safe to uncover the truth about the financial and politically powerful, because when you do, you’ll have to watch your back. Federal Judge David Cohen said the city of Bidderford was wrong and that it violated Dorothy’s first amendment right to free speech. But that didn’t matter.
They still took away her business, her home and then shut down an entire TV station just to prevent her video, “ What Price Justice” from airing. So, what in heaven’s name is on that video? What do you do when your elected officials decide its OK to defy a Federal Judge and rob you blind? Could this happen to you?
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Joining Tai is Attorney for Dorothy: Roger Champaign
Special interview with veteran criminal investigator Phil Castora