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Through Rose Colored Glasses-NOT™ featured in the Trade Union Courier and National Organized Labor Journal


“After breakfast, everyday, she throws the want ads right my way. And never fails to say, Is there any work for me?”
Get a job. Sha na na na, sha na na na na”
©The Silhouetts
When Joanne Bishop got laid off from her job at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City back in 2001(NY Daily News), she was 57 years old and was already behind in her health care payments. She got hit with a surprise credit card rate that went from 16% to 24% because she reported to them she was unemployed. She jumped to the want ads, hoping to “get a job.” Today, Bishop is still unable to find any new employment despite applying for over 130 jobs since April 2010. “They don’t want you to say the D word-Depression-but where do you see an economic recovery?” Bishop notes. There’s a ton of these stories. Real people who just want to “get a job.
The latest Labor Department’s job figures are dismal. This doesn’t take into account the millions who have just given up looking. For some, there isn’t much else except to go to the gym, watch Maury Povich, be depressed, smoke more cigarettes or whatever, read murder mysteries, drink vodka or whatever, do yoga, meditate. “Whatever helps you through the night, it’s alright.”-Lennon
Just the other day I was reading that WNBC-TV and WOR radio are promoting New York Nonstop Giving, a new on air charity benefit that offers you the opportunity to send the little bit of money you may have left to the Salvation Army and the Food Bank. Isn't that’s nice.
Maybe you can find a couple of extra dollars lying around. Whatever you can spare, no doubt they’d love to hear from you.
Then there’s Senate bill S. 3772, "The Paycheck Fairness Act,". “yet another piece of legislation presenting itself as a wolf in sheep's clothing. This is a bill that could potentially kill many jobs under the guise of promoting equality for women.” That’s not my words but a women’s group that IS saying this!
I went on the AFL-CIO webpage and they offer: Good Jobs Now! “The nation is in a job crisis” (Telling us what we already know) If you’re a machinist you can join the ‘Machinist’s U-Cubed for laid off Americans.’ Yeah, that’s productive. There’s also a Job Tracker section! Now you can find out which companies are exporting jobs and laying off workers. There’s even a section on the site that warns you that your time is running out on your unemployment benefits. In case your blood pressure needs a boost.
Slogans, charities, fear mongering, austerity appeals propaganda, joining some unemployment group or bashing this political party or that political party isn’t going to fix this economic mess. Not some new stimulus package hype, new tax, new strike or some job’s bill with no teeth. No, the National Labor Relations Board isn’t going to help you get a job either.
Stimulus initiatives? 55% of the US workforce is from small business with less that 100 people. 24% of the jobs come from business with 101 to 500 employees. That’s 79% of the jobs.
The recent so-called bail out did squat for the rank and file. Did squat for American business. Did squat for the poor in real terms. But did very good for those insider corporations deemed “too big to fail.”
To create lasting jobs you first need to know what makes them. AFL President Richard Trumka is right when he tells TV interviewer Thom Hartman that its about “putting the Union back into hands of the rank and file.” The Wagner Act was necessary for the New Deal, but the new deal isn’t new anymore.
Today, the levers of production and growth are held by a more remote, white collar elite. A corporate, financial elite that can shut off the spigot of job creation wherever and whenever they want to. Who are they? What can we do, you might ask?
IBT President Jim Hoffa came the closest to putting his finger on where the economic crack in the wall is. His public support for the TRADE ACT bill is worthy of high applause. Specifically, the part in the bill which requires that “worker’s rights be protected and that citizens rights take precedence over ‘foreign investors’ rights”.
The same “foreign investors” who sit on the FED board, manipulate currencies, control credit, pitch carbon credit and global tax scams, own vast media outlets, fund deviant behavior like eugenics and pedophilia, (yeah you read it right), lobby and buy up spineless law makers to do their bidding, commit securities fraud, prop up the dollar with phony financial instruments like derivatives and credit swaps, push mortgage fraud, undermine worker rights, threaten Congress with Marshall Law if they won’t approve shipping huge amounts of taxpayer money to mega corporate/institutional insiders like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, foreign banks, insurance companies, GE , MSNBC and the UFT. That’s just the short list.
All while the rank and file continues to pay in, only to get laid off or find their benefits slashed to the bone. Talk with our military about Prudential ‘s theft of their death benefits. And you think Bernie Madoff was the lone gunman bilking investors out of billions? Sure!
Destroying fair and healthy competition is an international corporate game. It kills union jobs and any possibility of economic recovery. The TRADE ACT, in part, questions the effect that NAFTA, CAFTA and other unaccountable foreign investor trade agreements have had on jobs and our economy. Global, borderless arrangements made behind closed doors by these “foreign investors” that are sucking the life out of our workforce. Look at the EU and you’ll know what’s coming for the USA. A North American Union. More like anti-union.
Many of us cheered when President Hoffa and the IBT bitched that Mexican truckers got a free imperial pass to cross over into our border and flood our highways with un-inspected foreign cargo. The protests never went far enough, in my view.
If I had an uninterrupted hour of your time and 100 pages I would be happy to break the whole thing down for you in detail. Unfortunately, our very generous Editor in Chief knows how I can shamelessly rant on. So if I don’t stay within certain space limits I will be doubling her already overstretched schedule and workload. For that, she’ll probably throw me out of the nearest window with a pink slip nailed to my chest. And I wouldn’t blame her.
On this one, do yourself a favor and research it yourself. OK? Besides, I don’t like pink slips and falling from high places.
Some facts. The backbone of every economy throughout history is the strength of its currency and the availability of its credit. If you can get the job of controlling them you’re doing good. Real good! The FED got that job back in 1913. Today our currency and credit are controlled by these unaccountable foreign offshore investors.
The Grand Godfather of foreign investors, banker Mayer Amschel Bauer 1744-1812 told the world: “Give me control of a nation’s currency and I care not who makes the laws.” His students have learned well.
Its interesting what President Woodrow Wilson himself confessed later in his life about having signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. : "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men.”
Presidents Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Garfield and Kennedy shared this same sentiment. Some say Lincoln and Kennedy died for it. Only history knows for sure.
Its simple. Force the banks to release credit to small and medium businesses, institutions and organizations that provide jobs. Conduct a full and independent audit of the FED immediately. Turn the issuance of US money back to the US government to be apportioned debt free into the ecomony. Drag guys like Bernanke and his banker boys in front of a Grand jury. Reduce taxes and regulations in order that small businesses and organizations can breath again. Then we can sit down and talk intelligently about collective bargaining.
That’s the name of that tune!
You hear what I’m saying?

Through Rose Colored Glasses-NOT™ ©Tai Aguirre




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